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Syngas cleaning

Tar and Char Removal from Wet Scrubber Slurry

  • Industrially Proven
  • Commercially Available

Water Cleaning

Within our normal operation range, we remove from the wet scrubber slurry all of the heavy tars and chars as a solids, most of the lighter tars, phenols and aromotics and produce very clean water that is recirculated as part of the wet scrubber process. This recirculation reduces wastewater disposal and fresh water consumption for the wet scrubber process.

Fuel Product

The DRYTARS process recovers a high carbon content coal-like solids suitable for re-use in the gasifier. These solids contain the tar, chars, toulene, benzene, etc. found in the wet scrubber slurry. By recovering these solids we increase the energy extraction efficiency of the gasification process

Process Pictures

Feedstock 1%DS

Feedstock 32%DS

Recovered Solids

Recovered Liquids